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Francesca's Italian Restaurant wins Lux Award for Best Italian Restaurant 2017

lux awards francescas italian restaurant vanuatuWoohoo!! 

Congratulations to Francesca's Italian Restaurant owners, management and staff, for winning a prestigious Food and Drink Awards Lux 2017 for Best Italian Restaurant! 

Discussing the awards and the success of all award winners, Katherine Benton, the awards coordinator, comments: “What we eat and drink shapes the way we view an establishment, therefore it is of the utmost importance to the hospitality industry. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to be able to showcase the excellent quality services and products that these excellent winners have to offer.”

Tankiu tumas Franceska! You have placed both the restaurant and Vanuatu on center stage in international cuisine! Grazie mille!

Visit and dine at Francesca's when you're next in Vila. The fabulous establishment is located on the calm and crystal waters of Havannah Harbour just 30 minutes drive out of Port Vila.

Visit Francesca Restaurant's website by clicking here.

Read all about what won the judges choice for Francesca's to win Best Italian Restaurant 2017

Christmas just around the corner

Efate MeleMaat kids gardens blogWhilst parents are still trailing behind, these kids want to get home fast, prepare island spinach, grate coconut for mum to later do lunch, and play football while waiting.

Life is never boring in the islands. There is always something to keep the little ones including mums and dads occupied, and everyday its the gardens where villagers head to in the break of dawn to clean and harvest vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, and check their chicken & pig traps to see if they're lucky. Just an everyday thing the locals do in the villages. 

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, the fun and festive vibes are more visible as people start to decorate their place with coconut leaves, ornaments are usually bundles of green coconuts, bananas and pineapples hanging down from the kitchen beam, suger canes, gingers and lillies are tied to kitchen posts. 

Sweet Spot

vanuatu chocolate sweet spotVanuatu has a booming cocoa industry and its homemade chocolate is winning awards around the world, writes Ben Bohane. Who doesn’t like chocolate? It’s only been 500 years since Europeans first brought the cocoa beans out of Mexico and south America, but since then the whole world has succumbed to its rich, velvety texture and taste-bud explosion. 

It’s almost as if no dinner is complete without a little square of the dark delight afterwards and every culture has embraced it.

Aore Resort in Vanuatu just a short flight from Brisbane but it’s a world away from your worries

vanuatu aore island resort
Written by Grantlee Kieza for Qweekend. Published in - IT takes less time to fly to Vanuatu than it does to reach Coffs Harbour or Hervey Bay – and once there, time melts away.  If there’s a more glorious sight on Earth than the one shimmering before me in this tropical paradise, I’m yet to see it. I’ve paid peanuts for the giant lobster mornay waiting for me on an oversized platter but the view from the beachside table is priceless. Luganville, on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s largest island, is little more than two hours by direct flight from Brisbane but it’s a world away from the cares and snares of the Western world. Read more.

Photo Shoot Assignment Preview - Efate Island, Vanuatu

efate snorkelling vanuatu DK
David Kirkland has just returned from what he calls one of the most productive activity and adventure photoshoot he's ever done in the region, and probably his career :-). He was here on a 10 days shoot capturing all the magic of Efate island, organized by the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) with support from the tourism industry and Air Vanuatu. Get a glimpse of the beauty of the island as well as all the fun and adventure that comes with it, in David's recent post in A Road Less Travelled.

Vanuatu islands on Twitter

twitter vanuatu islands
Hello tweet-hearts! Vanuatu Tourism Office has just set up a new Twitter account for all our visitors on Twitter. Help us grow our base by going onto our Twitter page and Follow us, and if you would like to contribute to our page, in all your Vanuatu tweets, you can tag @vanuatu_islands or add #DiscoverVanuatu and we'll re-tweet on our page.

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